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      • Spektra Xion Cosmic Storm
      • Spektra Xion Cosmic Storm
      • Spektra Xion Cosmic Storm
      • Spektra Xion Cosmic Storm

      Spektra Xion Cosmic Storm

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        We’ve been creating a work of art for you, and now the Xion Cosmic Storm is here. This labor-intensive, hand-crafted limited edition Xion Cosmic Storm was created using a delicate artistic method that requires a multi-step masking process for each color and machine part, which are then independently dipped in an anodizing tank at different intervals. Each machine takes days of intricate work. The result is a truly original work of art. Each machine has its own signature pattern. Own this collector’s edition today.

        • The first pen-style machine that gives artists full control of parameters to unleash their creative vision.
        • Ergonomic and lightweight design for optimal maneuverability. Only 5.35 ounce total body weight.
        • Convenient interchangeable strokes to suit different styles of tattooing. 3.2mm and 3.7mm Stroke Wheels included with purchase.
        • Secure ratcheting system enables artists to lock-in needle depth settings.
        • Seamless, adjustable Grip is compatible with all needles.
        • The Grip of the machine is autoclavable. Use only steam autoclaves at temperatures no higher than 270° Fahrenheit or 132.222° Celsius.
        • Incremental, one-turn Give Knob dial for hard to soft adjustment of needle strike.
        • Powerful 6W MotorBolt system - the first motor specifically designed to meet the demands of tattooing.
        • Compatible with most power supplies on the market, the Spektra Xion is an all-in-one tool solution for all your tattooing needs.
        • Machine Body and MotorBolt can be wiped externally with cold sanitation products.
        • Engineered and manufactured in the USA by FK Irons.

          The Spektra Xion User Manual contains all the technical specifications and features of the machine.

          Download the Spektra Xion User Manual (PDF)

          All machines are custom built to order. Please allow an average of 10 business days to have your machine built, tuned, tested and shipped.

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              The first pen style machine providing artists full control of parameters that unleash their creative vision.

              The Grip

              The Spektra Xion offers a polished and anodized grip, safe to be sterilized under steam, in an autoclave or sprayed with cold sanitation solutions.


              This detachable module houses the motor, cam and RCA connection. Once removed, artists can replace stroke displacement by interchanging the provided StrokeWheels.

              Xion Body

              The Body is the core of the machine where the reciprocating and give system are housed. this module should be sanitized by wiping it with cold sterilization solutions only.

              Made by Artists to enhance their full potential.

              The Versatile Machine

              The Xion is a powerful modular machine designed to unleash all the artists creativity.