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      • Hover Power Supply
      • Hover Power Supply
      • Hover Power Supply
      • Hover Power Supply

      Hover Power Supply

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        Hover Tattoo Power Supply 

        Embrace the wireless revolution with a touchless tattoo power supply. With just a simple air gesture from your hand or hover of your fingers, you can change your voltage, cycle through menu screens, and set a timer. Without ever touching the device, you will be helping prevent cross-contamination. 

        The Hover makes your life easier with its functional round design including a screen at the center, and to top it off , Bluetooth capabilities. This allows connectivity to the Darklab app which allows you to check tattoo duration time, change voltage using voice command, receive latest firmware updates, and more. Equipped with two input ports, you can utilize a machine and footwitch combination or connect two machines at the same time, which is perfect for artists that use different tattoo machines in one sitting. If you need to stop mid tattoo, the Hover remembers the voltage you left off at and with the bank management system, you are able to save up to 9 different programmable banks. These banks are perfect to set voltages for different stages of the tattoo such as lining, coloring and shading, saving you time!

        With USB-A and USB-C ports, charge mobile devices such as tablets, cellphones and Darklab battery packs. The Hover makes travel easy for those artists that are always on the go or attending trade shows.

        • Easy to use touch free power supply
        • Prevent cross-contamination
        • Increase and decrease voltage through air gestures
        • Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect with the Dark Lab mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS
        • Darklab mobile app allows you to change voltage through voice, check tattoo time, and receive firmware updates
        • 9 programmable banks to save desired voltage, you can revisit them at any time
        • 2 input ports allow you to connect two different tattoo machines, perfect for artists that use multiple devices
        • Footswitch compatible 
        • USB charging ports that can charge cellphones, tablets and DarkLab power supplies
        • 2 – 17 Voltage output
        • Machine voltage readout
        • Anti-slip magnetic base
        • Set a timer on the screen to keep track of time

        **It is recommended and important to use clear barrier film when covering the Hover**

          The Hover User Manual contains all the technical specifications and features of the machine.

          Download the Hover User Manual (PDF)

          DELIVERY 1ST QUARTER 2020!

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          The future of power supplies has arrived

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          Hands Free Operation

          Control Hover parameters with air gesture, avoiding cross-contamination.

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          Control Multiple Machines

          2 RCA ports for multiple machines or footpedal combinations.

          International power plugs are available to ensure worldwide compatibility.


          Bluetooth enabled, connect to multiple wireless devices and upgrade firmware from mobile app.

          USB-A, USB-C ports to recharge your battery packs, wireless machine and/or mobile devices.


          Optimized for the Spektra rotary line, compatible with machines featuring round motor housing. The LightningBolt is compatible with FK Irons and Darklab product via Bluetooth.

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