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      Darklab App FAQ's

      Troubleshooting the Darklab App (scroll below for basic How-to's)

      The original, manufacturer-installed firmware in the LightningBolts and PowerBolts did not include eGive or voice control, for example. To install these features, you must download the Darklab app, which is the only way to update the firmware on your FK Irons and Darklab Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

      And why wouldn't you want to take full advantage of the wireless revolution? 

      Controlling eGive via the app is currently only available on the Hover and the LightningBolt. 

      You can still download and take advantage of eGive on the PowerBolt, but you will control it through the device itself, using its control panel. Controlling eGive through the app is one of the upcoming features our engineers are developing.

      To use eGive on any of FK Irons' or Darklab Bluetooth-enabled devices:

      1. download the Darklab app
      2. pair with the device
      3. update the firmware
      4. follow the instructions below in the "How do I control eGive on my LightningBolt or PowerBolt panel?" section

      or watch the video!

      Ensure that the Bluetooth is activated on your device.

      On the LightningBolt and PowerBolt, simply hold down the POWER button until the light turns BLUE, then release.

      Retry pairing with the app. 

      The Hover's Bluetooth is, by default, transmitting, but you can double-check by looking for the Bluetooth icon on the home screen. 

      Restart the LightningBolt unit by holding down the POWER button + the DOWN arrow at the same time if the battery pack has been crashing during the update or when trying to pair with the app. 

      A flashing white light indicates that the unit has been updated.

      Repeat the restart instructions until the LightningBolt connects and finishes updating.

      The engineers will be adjusting the app in accordance with customer feedback, so ensure to update frequently.

      The Hover is highly advanced technology and has many features to download. For the Hover ensure you have:

      1. At least an hour, if not longer, of battery life on both the Hover and the mobile device where the Darklab app is installed
      2. Continuous, strong Wifi connection on your mobile device
      3. Keep the mobile device and Hover side-by-side to ensure a solid transfer

      The PowerBolt (Flux and EXO) and LightningBolt will require less time, but, like with the Hover, it is imperative that you ensure you have enough battery life on these devices before you begin the updates. For the PowerBolt and LightningBolt:

      1. Charge your devices before attempting to download the firmware!
      2. Ensure that your Wifi connection is strong and uninterrupted on your mobile device
      3. Keep the mobile device in close proximity to your LightningBolt and PowerBolt during the update

      Another reason your Hover could be crashing is that the cache is full or has old data that interferes with the current update. This is an easy fix: just clear the cache on your Apple device and restart the update process:

      1. *On your Apple device navigate to Settings >> General >> Bluetooth*

      2. Turn your Bluetooth OFF then turn it back ON.

      3. Try to update the Hover's firmware again.

      *Note: There are multiple screens through which you can turn the Bluetooth ON and OFF, but doing so from anywhere else other than the Settings has not fixed any cache glitches. For more reliable results, go through the Settings menu to deactivate/reactivate your Bluetooth.

      The Darklab app is completely new technology and is a revolutionary "first" in the body and cosmetic tattoo industry. There are bound to be many questions from users on the functionality of this one-of-a-kind app. Many of the questions stem from a lack of understanding of the software, which is explained in these FAQ's.

      We encourage you to thoroughly review all of the FAQ's to understand the app utility. For now, you will not be able to control eGive through the app on the PowerBolt (Flux and EXO), however the app will download the feature so you can control it through the PowerBolt's panel. 

      The developers will respond individually and request information when they encounter an unusual or unexpected question. Rest assured that each report is being reviewed and monitored.

      To help the developers please ensure to state:

      1. The DEVICE that you are trying to connect the app with (LightningBolt, PowerBolt or Hover)
      2. The action that you EXPECTED to accomplish.
      3. The exact MESSAGE or whatever is on your app's SCREEN.



      Have you first set up your voice command on your Apple device? Please ensure to follow your mobile device's steps for setting up your voice command.

      On your Apple device, go to >> Settings >> Siri & Search >> slide the button for "Listen for 'Hey, Siri' " >>

      Your Apple device should open a new window, which will ask you to read phrases aloud into your device's speaker so that it can learn to recognize your voice.

      Now return to the Darklab app to set up your voice commands.



      To raise or lower the give:

      1. Hold down the power button until the light goes from white to SOLID BLUE.
      1. Release the power button and IMMEDIATELY USE THE UP OR DOWN ARROWS to change the give. The colors should change accordingly. No further action needed.

      Note: For the purposes of the eGive we use the same color-coded voltage chart on the units, where the LOWEST voltage color of “WHITE” is the lowest Give value of 0 (zero).

      The HIGHEST eGive value is 5, and that, then, would correspond to “green” on the chart.


        APP version 1.04 release notes

        1. Added a Connection Meter on the Scan New Devices screen. Nearby devices will now be listed first, and will have a higher connectivity level. This feature makes it much easier to find, and connect nearby devices.
        2. Users can now rename their device on the Devices screen, which allows users to keep track of connected devices. This can be done by pressing and holding the device you wish to rename.
        3. Users can now have Siri prioritize a device to control. This is located on the Devicesscreen, and can be changed when pressing and holding the device name. This feature improves voice control when using similar devices.
        4. Darklab's FAQ webpage is now linked to the help menu to improve technical support.
        5. Modified control keys on the applications Power Panel to change with the keys pressed on the LightningBolt.
        6. Application version number added to the Firmware screen, making it easier to identify the application version.
        7. Codes added to the Update screen for better technical support.

        Firmware version 71 release notes.

        1. New functionality added to extend device battery life.
        2. Faster and more reliable startup on reset, or firmware updates.
        3. Battery power display accuracy updated.
        4. Improved machine voltage precision.

        Basic how-to instructions for downloading and using the Darklab App

        There are two important points to keep in mind:

        Firstly, the firmware from the factory on any Darklab and FK Irons Bluetooth device does not have features, such as eGive or Siri voice controls pre-installed.

        That’s where the Darklab App comes in.

        By downloading the Darklab App onto your mobile Apple device, you can pair it with your Bluetooth FK Irons and Darklab devices and update the firmware, which will download eGive capabilities and other features.

        Secondly, if, for any reason, the firmware update is interrupted, it could cause your device to freeze. To avoid this, take some simple steps:

        • * Charge your Apple mobile device, FK Irons and Darklab devices for an adequate amount of time. For the Hover firmware update, have at least an hour’s worth of battery left on your Apple mobile device.

        • * Keep your Apple mobile device next to your Darklab or FK Irons devices during the entire update to ensure consistent Bluetooth connection. Don’t move them around as you could lose connection.

        How to use eGive on the PowerBolt on the Flux and EXO tattoo machines

        Flux & EXO "hard reset" on FK Irons' PowerBolt