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      • Bellar Silver with Airbolt Mini
      • Bellar Silver with Airbolt Mini
      • Bellar Silver with Airbolt Mini
      • https://www.youtube.com/embed/9lwNSyKmJ8M?autoplay=1
      • Bellar Silver with Airbolt Mini

      Bellar Silver with Airbolt Mini

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        Set includes the Bellar and the Airbolt Mini power supply + micro DC cable


        Made for the dynamic permanent makeup artist, the Bellar offers unparalleled precision. With a sleek design, this PMU device is lightweight. The slim profile fits perfectly in your hand, reducing arm fatigue, a common complaint among technicians.

        Don’t mistake this fine pen-style machine for lacking power. Faithful to Microbeau’s principle of excellence and beauty, its powerful compact MotorBolt system was built for mechanical movement. Unique to the Bellar is its Mini DC connecter (included) that weighs less than traditional RCA cables that most PMU machines use, this reduces the strain in your hand.

        If you have an eye for detail on the human canvas, the Bellar was made for precision. This is the perfect machine for hair strokes, powder brows and lips. Many top artists say hair strokes are easier with this machine. The slim design allows for steady easy maneuvering and with a stroke length of 2.1mm, you will create your art flawlessly.

        • Bellar PMU machine
        • Lightweight and Comfortable: Weighs only 2.36 oz (67g)
        • Powerful : Compact MotorBolt system that meets the demand of PMU
        • Precision : Slim design allows for a stroke length of 2.1mm, perfect for hair strokes and detailed work
        • Needle : Compatible with any standard universal membrane cartridge
        • Adjustable Autoclavable Grip : Regulates needle depth
        • Includes Mini DC connector cable : Lightweight alternative to RCA cables that is for optimal connectivity performance
        • PMU machine for hair strokes, detailed work, and powder brows!
        • Handcrafted, Made to order in the USA

        Airbolt Mini

        The only power supply on the current market that allows you to use your choice of cables or connectors -wirelessly. Introducing the Airbolt Mini, the smallest, most portable power supply that has the capabilities to keep your machine running for up to 10 hours*.

        With its intuitive controls and LED voltage display, the Airbolt is easy to use and can be paired with the Darklab app via Bluetooth for ultimate wireless control. With unlimited presets you can create within the app's Preset Bank allows artists to have endless possibilities during each session. Weighing at only 3.6 oz (102 g), the Airbolt is compact for easy travel and it’s ready to be bagged or barrier protected.

        • Weighs: 3.6 oz (102 g)-73mm x 48 mm x 24 mm
        • Up to 10 hours of battery life*
        • Built-in anti-slip magnetic pad
        • Easy setup
        • For extra support, several wearable and mounting accessories will be coming soon
        • eGive capabilities on the Darklab app via Bluetooth


            The Bellar and Airbolt Mini User Manual contains all the technical specifications and features of the machine.

            Download the Bellar User Manual (PDF)

            Download the Airbolt Mini User Manual (PDF)


            All machines are custom built to order. Pre-order delivery will begin in December/ January. We reserve the right to modify delivery turnaround.

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            Microbeau International warrants the product will perform efficiently when used by a Professional Artist. All machine body components not subject to normal wear and tear will be covered under warranty for the life of the machine. The motor warranty will be covered for 1 year from the date of purchase.

            Should this product prove to be defective due to manufacturing issues, Microbeau will repair the machine free of charge.

            This warranty will be void if the machine shows signs of having been handled roughly, repeatedly dropped, overexposed to moisture and/or lubricant, or or cosmetically damaged resulting in compromised functionality. Use with membrane cartridges ONLY to prevent backflow and cross-contamination of internal mechanisms. Use of non-membrane needle cartridges will void warranty.

            Learn More

            Microbeau International is proud to introduce the Bellar. Expertly designed in conjunction with artists and engineers to create the perfect synergy of form and functionality.

            Crafted from medical grade components, and assembled and tested one at a time by our expert in-house technicians to ensure flawless performance.

            Its slim and light design, weighing only 2.36 oz (67g), allows a comfortable grip regardless of the procedure’s length.


            The Bellar’s precise performance make it the ideal device for artists who aim for the best possible results.

            Microbeau International pioneers advancements that cater to the most competitive solutions, by creating new standards and shaping the evolution of the micropigmentation industry.

            Main Features

            Powerful compact MotorBolt system specifically designed to meet the demands of micropigmentation

            Comfortable and Lightweight design – 2.36 oz (67g) for easy maneuverability

            Mini DC connector for optimal connectivity performance

            Precise stroke length of 1.7mm for accurate PMU techniques

            Adjustable autoclavable grip to regulate needle depth, plus disposable grip option

            Needle depth adjustment from 0 - 4mm